of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world ...





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I have an addictive personality, which is fine, but rather than cigarettes and alcohol why couldn’t it have been smart financial planning and interpersonal relationships?

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robb, 17, westeros. king in the north. chances are you know my name, but NOT my story. fuck lannisters. fuck joffrey. fuck betrothals (lmao love my baby talisa two months strong <3). fuck moms i dont need your shit. fuck people who think a throne is theirs by rights… (lol you know who i mean.) living my life, you can stay mad. i do not give one single fuck. WINTER IS COMING BITCHEZ.

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i hope u find someone that mindlessly plays with your hands and lightly strokes your legs and massages your back and plays with your hair and i hope that u feel like you’re home when u look at them

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“Stay single until someone actually compliments your life in a way that makes it better not to be single. If not, it’s not worth it.”

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The National - Slow Show


"You know I dreamed about you
For twenty-nine years before I saw you
You know I dreamed about you
I missed you for, for twenty-nine years”

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Powder, 2014 | by Marcus Palmqvist

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“There are no accidents… there is only some purpose that we haven’t yet understood.”

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Like once I made the mistake of saying:

"Hey, I knew you when I dated the wrong person and I was a mess (god I was a mess) but I wish I could have said "Fuck this guy who doesn’t care enough, I’m what you want" but we cant change the past but I am so fucking glad for the part of me that said, "YOU! Yes, you. You were amazing and one-of-a-kind and I remember your face and I want you in my life."

I want you in my life.


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Brunswick stew, rum, a fire on the deck and the goddamn love of my life.

A pretty good Sunday.


we adventure the right way: with whiskey and bright eyes.

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